"A very special flower & gift shop"

Post by Celia Becker, originally posted on After Orange County.

Greetings and thanks for stopping in today on this beautiful day in Fall. My day was particularly beautiful as I got to spend a couple of hours in a very special flower & gift shop we have here in Lake Arrowhead. It’s called “Wildflowers At The Lake” and it’s definitely one of the prettiest places in town.

And because both he and his fiance are extremely busy doctoring & lawyering, they have asked me to take the lead in planning their destination wedding which will take place next September here in Lake Arrowhead, California. So, to help us get ideas for wedding flowers & wedding decor I visited Wildflower At The Lake and sat down with floral designer, Sheryl, in this cosy corner of their darling shop.

My future daughter-in-law and I have found a design esthetic that will guide all of our decisions for the wedding. We are calling it Ralph Lauren Meets The Mountains. Our beautiful inspiration wedding table shown in the following 3 photos comes from the very talented Victoria Katsikis of Ellie Alexandra.

The wedding reception will take place in the backyard of my mountain home here in Lake Arrowhead. It is covered in pine trees very similar to the area pictured here. Theirs will be an intimate wedding of about 80 guests so we will arrange about 4 long tables of 20 in the woods.

It was fun brainstorming at Wildflowers At The Lake. They are so talented and left me with lots to contemplate. I had not even considered all of the various arrangements we will need until I went over everything with them. 

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